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New, affordable health care plans have just exploded into the marketplace.
Help us get America covered!


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Work With Us To Get America Covered.

Recent legislation has created a new generation of government approved health care plans that are 50% to 75% less expensive than the health plans that are currently available to consumers.  This dramatic premium reduction is creating a seismic shift in the health insurance market.

Millions of Americans straining to keep up with ever rising health care premiums.  Millions more have given up entirely, and are going without coverage, hoping that nothing occurs that would require serious medical care.  For all of them, these new plans will be a lifesaver. 

Real Opportunity.

An enormous need.  An enormous market.  Realistic "6 figure plus" income potential.  Our average agents earn over $500 per day, all year long.  Our top sellers earn significantly more.  Our agents also enjoy residual income that can last a lifetime.  You will never see a better opportunity.

We Are Creating A Stellar Team Of Professionals.

Our team members possess the type of rare attributes that can change lives and build futures.  They are forward thinkers, outgoing, friendly and pleased to help someone in need.  They are not afraid to stand on their own two feet, and are willing to work hard to get ahead.

If this sounds like you, we would like to invite you to join us.  Please inquire for more information, or apply now.

Our Team Will Help You Draw A Straight Line To Your Success. is backed by CMS Insurance Agency – a long time, experienced leader in the national health insurance marketing industry.  When it comes to rolling out new products, CMS Insurance Agency is the gold standard.

At CMS Insurance Agency, you are part of a very successful team.  We provide all the technical tools and training.  If you are willing to work hard, we can place you on a path to meet even the most ambitious of financial goals.

You can work at one of our office locations, or you may work from home.  We are looking for licensed insurance professionals.  However, if you are simply a professional in need of licensing, please contact us.  We can likely assist.  Most importantly, you need to be a trustworthy, ethical individual.
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I have been with CMS Insurance Agency for 7 years and the atmosphere and compensation is incredible.  I have earned over a million dollars.
CMS Agent

Residual income has changed my life.  I was a person that truly knew nothing about the health insurance industry.  CMS provided all the tech and training.  I went from being a short-order cook, to a 6 figure income earner.  Thank you CMS!
CMS Agent

About Us

CMS Insurance Agency has been a family owned business since 1985.  The company is headed by Colette Saigh and Steve Saigh.

There are CMS Insurance Agency offices in several states.  We are licensed in 45 states.

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